Our Human Resources Vision;

While building a permanent and strong corporate structure, we search and implement contemporary approaches in human resources and, by achieving ambitious goals that make a difference, we realise innovative and ground braking human resources implementation.

Our Human Resources Policy;

  • By respecting the knowledge, experience and qualifications of our employees, we create efficient business and work environments that allow us to convey their experience for the goals of our company.
  • We use resources in a goal-oriented manner and coordinate the effort based on corporate factors.
  • We make constant development goal sustainable by developing and implementing efficiecny and performance measurement systems thought to fit IC Energy the best.
  • We exercise understanding, approach and decisiveness to establish a synergic and interactive work understanding that will encourage our high-profile staff profile to be willing, enthusiast and excited.
  • We demonstrate a Human Resources Management that lead the constant monitoring of actions and precautions.

Our Respect for Diversity and Opportunity Equality Approach

  • We do not discriminate based on gender, belief, language, ethnical roots, nationality, health status, physical obstacles, sexual orientation.
  • We take precautions to protect out employees against intra-corporate physical, spiritual and mental abuse and harassment.
  • We see the contribution of the opportunity equality we provide for our work force to our corporate riches and support it.
  • We build out Human Resources management philosophy upon this approach.

High Performance Culture

We act based on the principle that separating the employees that make a difference, increases trust towards the system and encourage our employees to make a difference. We aim "Employee Perfection" to achieve the highest success in its class and create a high performance culture.

  • We focus to distinguish the qualification and performance differences of our employees.
  • We focus to distinguish the qualification and performance differences of our employees.
  • We allow our high-potential employees to develop not only as in executive staff but also as qualified experts and increase the value of expertise boards.

Our Performance Management Process

  • We exercise a transparent and participative management approach where director and employee participate together, in our performance management process.
  • We exercise a transparent and participative management approach where director and employee participate together, in our performance management process.
  • We make a powerful relationship between Goals, Performance, Actual Results, Pricing, Reward and Development Opportunities and conclude it.
  • We realise all of our HR evaluation processes via enterprise resource planning (erp) system in order to ensure joint participation by director and employee and transparent management. We allow our employees to self-evaluate and ensure that they see their qualifications, performances and achievement of goals.
  • We improve and develop the e-hr platform.

Career Opportunities

Job applications to IC Enerji which was founded with the vision of “growing out company with the energy portfolio diversified to maximize shareholder profits and minimize risk, as one of the energy companies with the best strategic location in Turkey” are made through employment portals.

  • We evaluate the applications which are classified under two main categories as applications to a published vacant position and General Applications, based on the experience, expertise and qualifications specified by the applicant. We invite eligible applicants and start the process with the first interview and conclude it. 
  • During our election and assignment process, we focus to use information to its purpose and adhere to principles of confidentiality.

You can see the current carrier opportunities at IC İÇTAŞ ENERJİ at You may also apply to our Human Resources department through

Our qualifications

  • We define our qualifications as harmonized with our vision, mission and values.
  • We realize the qualifications of our directors and employees through the evaluation of observable behaviours.

Qualifications of our Directors

  •     Success Energy
  •     Focus
  •     Inspiring Director
  •     Encourage through Own Energy

Qualifications of our Employees

  •     Creative Result Oriented
  •     Communication
  •     Inspiring Director
  •     Acting with Passion
  •     Harmony with the Team and Improving the Team
  •     Accepting Criticism   
  •     Innovation
  •     Open to Improvements

Platform for Those Making a Difference

  • We openly reflect our “we notice the employees that make a difference” and reward our employees with a justified pride. Our “Platform for Those Making a Difference” which is still in the process of preparations will be active in 2016.
  • Innovative suggestions and works to be evaluated by an Evaluation Comittee to be compromised of directors and experts of varios duties, will receive monetary or honorary rewards.
  • While awarding the added value created by those involved in realised creative projects, projects being worked on, suggestions providing operational effectiveness and volunteering activities, social environmental sustainability or corporate responsibility activities, will encourage our employees even more; these significant contributions shall be crowned with award ceremonies to be held semi-annually.

IC Enerji Happiness Management Academy

  • We build all of our HR works on happiness.
  • The happiness of our employees is the constant goal of all of our work of professional, systematical and corporate nature.
  • Based on this principle, trainings and open-air trainings related to areas of expertise such as personal development, finance, human resources, information technologies, project management etc.  in IC İçtaş Enerji are provided under the umbrella of “IC İçtaş Enerji Happiness Management Academy.”

    IC Enerji Happiness Management Academy aims to ensure happiness... 


  •     An employee receiving investment is happy...
  •     An employee acknowledged for making a difference, is happy...
  •     Directors whose strategic skills are improved, are happy...
  •     An employee constantly encouraged to learn, is happy...
  •     Teams developing together, are happy...                   
  •     Teams having fun together, are happy...