Serhat ÇEÇEN

Our esteemed Mr Serhat Çeçen was born in 1975 in Ankara and completed his higher education at Ankara Hacettepe University and USA on Business. During his graduate education, he became an expert of International Finance.
Mr Serhat Çeçen obtained knowledge and experience regarding the work life by working at various positions and functions in companies under IC İbrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding operating in energy, construction, tourism, infrastructure investments and the industry. During his time at IC İbrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding, Serhat Çeçen has made significant contributions to achieving investment and partnerships in especially tourism, transportation, infrastructure and energy investments and currently acts as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Member of the Board of Directors of the said industries.
Furthermore, he assumes an active role in realising the social activities of IC Yatırım Holding. In this regard, Mr İbrahim Çeçen is involved in works regarding IC Foundation and Ağrı İbrahim Çeçen University project which gathers important works highly valued by Mr Çeçen and his family such as educational and cultural activities and providing scholarship to over 3000 university students under its roof.
He acted as the Deputy Chairman of Fenerbahçe Sports Club between 2004 and 2013.